'I Stay Ready' is a virtual two-hour workshop that teaches women the powerful techniques of positive self-talk and mindfulness to achieve their goals. Adding a unique twist, the presentation combines an engaging live makeup artistry demo where experts respond to participants' questions about today's beauty trends and secrets - catering to women on the inside and out!

Meet our workshop leader - Princess Castleberry - multi-preneur owner of Cibeles Beauty and Castle Risk & HR Consulting who has served as one of Metro-Detroit's premiere makeup artists since 2009 while building a career as a trusted risk management consultant, HR executive and training facilitator. 


This one-of-a-kind workshop leaves guests feeling refreshed, motivated and equipped with new skills to turn their positive thoughts into momentous actions that can help achieve personal, organizational and business goals.

Take your commitment to women's engagement and empowerment to the next level and book the 'I Stay Ready' Virtual Workshop.


$699 (up to 50 participants; contact me for larger groups)


Over the phone or online



(313) 207-7366