Princess K.


Multi-preneur. Mom. Makeup Enthusiast. Motivator. Risk Manager. Maven.

For more than a decade, Pro Artist and Motivational Speaker, Princess Castleberry, has been known as one of Metro-Detroit's premiere makeup artists with her brand, Cibeles Beauty, becoming synonymous with quality, professionalism and education - serving brides, models, production houses, photographers, party-goers and corporate clients.


Castleberry is a Detroit native and a 'multi-preneur' who also operates an independent risk management consultancy, having previously worked 17 years as a global risk manager and instructional designer for Fortune 500 firms and as an HR executive for a mid-sized non-profit. When asked asked about why she's expanding her makeup services into motivational and empowerment workshops, she had this to say:

"I have a passion for people and teaching! I've used positive self-talk, positive energy, and intentionality to manifest amazing things in my life and career and I want to share that with women around the globe. Makeup is the vehicle I use to connect with as many women as possible. The artistry is temporary, but the education and motivation can endure.”

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